Create Your Own Fashion, Image And Style!

Your WARDROBE MAKEOVER is an event designed
to set you on a course of building
a wardrobe that makes you look and
feel your best for all occasions.


The PURPOSE AND BENEFIT of Wardrobe Makeover is to set you on a course of wardrobe building that makes you look and feel your best for all occasions… Career, Nice Causal, Weekend and Special Occasion! Charting complete outfits will eliminate decision making in the future when it is time for you to dress.

Confidence and credibility will be elevated and enriched when you know you look smart and appropriate for every occasion. Shopping will become exciting, fun and rewarding. Spending your wardrobe dollars with a plan brings much joy and satisfaction. Shopping mistakes will be avoided and a classy, global wardrobe will be in the making.





1.  I come to your home and work with you and your clothes.


2.  We analyze the clothes you own as to their fashion worthiness, how they look on you and how well they work with your lifestyle.


3.  We work with the clothes you own creating many new looks by mixing
and matching pieces you have in your closet. You literally end up
with a new wardrobe.


4.  We accessorize each outfit to create a total look.


5.  I chart all of the looks in an organized manner so you can recreate them on any given day with no decisions required.


6.  We plan new purchases according to you needs, desires, and budget.


7.   A multitude of tips on image, fashion and style will be given you during our session. This makes dressing for the rest of your life easier and much more satisfying. You will learn how to look your best, feel your best and be your best each time you step out of your home.


Additional benefits you will feel and enjoy through your WARDROBE MAKEOVER…


Always look your best every time you dress.
All of your looks will be organized by the Lifestyle Categories in your life.
You won’t have to think about what to wear when it is time to dress.
Your charts will show you everything you need for an outfit in one simple place.
You will utilize all of your clothes.
You’ll be combining clothes in ways you never dreamed.
Your closet will be organized.
You’ll utilize your accessories… have fun with your jewelry, belts and scarves.
You’ll determine what shoes finalize the look and do the same for handbags.
We’ll establish a shopping list to complete your outfits as we put them together.

We will organize your trip wardrobe so you will be elegant, polished and relaxed knowing your clothes will work for you.