Because of what I learned, I now have a much firmer grasp

on how I want to position myself as a speaker. And I owe it to you!

Loretta Grantham

Packing tips will make it easier when packing to return home

Clare is very smart and explains everything very well

Arias Alicia…Miami, Florida

I found your lecture not only interesting but, very very inspiring. You are a woman of the world and a great role model.

Carrilyn Vuyasich

I can’t tell you how terribly impressed I am with your travel tips.

Connie Davis

I listened to your session tape, Powering Up Your Credibility, on my drive home – truly sensational. I’m already writing the script for my first cassette and plan to have a whole assortment of them by this time next year. You really gave all the details anyone would need. I am thinking that I should give a tape of your session to any presenter for next year who is doing a “how-to” topic as a prototype of the excellence we expect.

Nancy Nix-Rice, President, First Impressions

AICI National Newsletter Chair

Not only does Clare present a nice presentation, she seems to be a really nice person.

I enjoyed the program very much. I learned about colors and mixing them and that you can work with clothes you already have.

It was very understandable for the average person.

I love these sessions on the ship

June Haymaker…Franklin, Indiana

Clare, thank you for presenting Dress for Success at my business etiquette seminar on Saturday. Your presentation was extremely well received. Everyone enjoyed learning from a real pro! Looking forward to working with you again soon.

Jacqueline Whitmore, Etiquette Expert

 I learned many ideas I can use right away.

The seminars were very well done

F. Burnham…Bonita Springs, Florida

I really enjoy listening to your radio show, Fashion Focus.  You cover practical and helpful information and I always pick up helpful tips.

Jan L. Carne

I learned not to wear white shoes

I also learned the effect horizontal stripes

The workshop was fabulous- could not be better

Carol Polans… Palm City, Florida

Your seminars give real advice for real people.  I loved it!

Nancy Mariani

Your list of “Big Bold Image Breakers” are a must for Corporate America and now I can set the example for those to follow. I am confident to recommend your services.

Dawn Burke Sena, Certified Protocol Consultant

Terrific presentation.  Everybody enjoyed and learned something from your seminar.  The approach was excellent as well as the delivery and the different matching ideas.

P.S. Oh, and I donated Liz’s white pumps to Goodwill


Manuel Fernandez, President

Security Bank N.A.

You have such a clear message in a somewhat misunderstood field.  You are very professional and creative on the platform.

Lisa Jimenez

Your “Creating Credibility” presentation teaching us to produce tapes was absolutely wonderful!  The information and the way you presented it makes creating a tape seem so easy. I’ve decided to make it my next project!  Thanks for all the insight and tips!

Kelly Machbitz

Camouflage & Corrective Make-up Artist

Comments of “great” and “excellent” were just too numerous for us to copy from all of the evaluation sheets.

Kim Nava

South Florida Women’s business Conference

The many tricks on traveling  and packing were wonderful.

Betsy Chan…Thornhill, Ontario

I learned about eating fruit before noon.

Sorry I didn’t come sooner

Terry Granot…Coral Gables, Florida

Thank you Clare, I really enjoyed your book and your presentation.

Charting a wardrobe is something I learned I can do right away.

Betsy Chan…Thornhill, Ontario

     What a FANTASTIC talk you gave.  It was inspirational and much needed talk for my personal growth as an Image Consultant.  Your poise and ability to capture the audience with knowledge, expertise and most of all sincerity was wonderful. Thanks to you I did leave that meeting with new insight about this field.  My possibilities now seem endless. You are a distinguished Image Consultant and I aspire to be like you someday.

Miriam Carnase

I know I feel better with your concept, “Fruit Till Noon”.  Even my skin look better and my arthritis in my hands is a lot better. Some friends have had positive results in minimal time, too.

Joan Cope, Busy Executive

I look forward to viewing your program.  Your programs have been an eye-opener for me.

Lorraine S. Lowry

You give practical, easy to understand and needed information.

Jo Ann Montgomery

You made a difference in the lives of many women that day. The feedback from the conference has been extremely positive, thanks to the caliber of session presenters such as yourself.

Cyndi Metzger

South Florida Women’s Business conference

The use of plastic bags, spritzing clothes, and using a jewelry caddy were just a few of the ideas I can use right away.

Fashion tricks and travel tips are good topics for a cruise lecture.

I’m going to get global color jackets.

Martha Gell…Miami, Florida

I must tell you, that your ability to describe and articulate color, texture, and design through the use of word “pictures” is truly a gift.

Rachael Scandarion

I learned many ideas I can use right away.

Best I’ve been to.

Mary Beth Abbate…Setauket, New York

You remind me of the saying “A touch of class.”

Vincent Foy

Tips on the eyes and lips, also dressing with points and experimenting with sleeves were just a few ideas I could use right away.

The presentations were fantastic and most informative.

Thanks so much for your professional advice.

I attended all four seminars.

Sheila Y.S. Johnson…Bermuda

Still to this day (and I’ve had it for several years now), I find your book to be one of the best books on wardrobe building on the market.  Now that I run a fashion collection and also work as a free-lance stylist, I'm constantly reading books on image.  Many of them just don't compare to the information you include in your easy-to-follow manual.

Kim Parrish, CEO Kim Parrish Collection

I watched your show.  It was very professional and you had a lot of good tips.  I admire you for your dedication.

Connie Wageman

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